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Brand New Nostalgia is a group of comic artists of varied backgrounds, styles, and nationalities.

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OOSA Digest:

I guess the big news of late is the kaBOOMbox Volume 1 kickstarter featuring the OOSA artists and the Brand New Nostalgia group. 200+ pages of art and comics by 18 talented international artists in one anthology!!! (Check out that cover by Andrew MacLean) We could use your support, though. Financial contributions AND help spreading the word are both appreciated. Look for new incentives to be added this week.

Toby Cypress has been working on one of his pieces for the book.

Logan Faerber, OOSA artist and BNN member, put up an awesome piece for this weeks theme: Post-Apocalyptic Bikers.

Alexis Ziritt did his themed BNN piece and took it a step further. You can buy screen prints of Doom Rider here.

Greg Ruth did the interior illustrations for MERGE / DISCIPLE, the second pair of sci-fi novellas from Walter Mosely and Tor Books. Available today!

Ming Doyle was at M.I.C.E. this past weekend doing some fantastic sketches. This Bruce Wayne got some digital colors to make him extra dreamy hunky awesome!

And Aces Weekly goes live! Look for Paul Maybury’s contribution next week.