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Brand New Nostalgia is a group of comic artists of varied backgrounds, styles, and nationalities.

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OOSA Digest:

Second one this week! So. Much. Happening.

First off, several members of the OOSA Crew will be participating in a show at Gallery5 in Richmond, VA in a few weeks. Take a look: &@$#! An Exhibit of Comic Artists

Andrew MacLean will be starting a few Kickstarter campaigns soon. One of which will be for MEATSPACE #2. This new cover for issue #1 will be one of the incentives. 

Alexis Ziritt is starting to work on his next project, which will be an exciting collaboration between Out of Step Arts and the Brand New Nostalgia artists. More on that later, though. 

Logan Faerber is working hard on getting his design company, DoBot, off of the ground. 

Ming Doyle put up this Paranorman piece last night in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Toby Cypress’ commission list will be closing at the end of the month! If you want to get on it, you better hurry. Rates and info are here.

Greg Ruth was asked by CNN to contribute to a short series of political images centered around the theme of “power” in this year’s election. His efforts and attached essay about the inordinate power of the independent voter just went live at and will also show up on their sets as they cover the dem and GOP conventions over the next few weeks. It’s a great series of themes and images- don’t miss it. You can visit the article by clicking here.

More information was revealed about Paul Maybury’s next project Reign over on CBR in an interview with writer Chris Roberson.

And don’t forget about the giveaway contest I’m doing. You can win one of the OOSA Anniversary Print Sets or other prizes! It’s easy to enter. Click here to find out how.

Stay tuned for more news soon, kiddos!

  • Posted 2 years ago
  • August 24th, 2012

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