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Bleeding Cool posted a very flattering article about kaBOOMbox Volume One.


While we are still in the process of shipping out kickstarter incentives and contributor comp copies of the kaBOOMbox Vol.1 anthology, we were able to have a few on hand with us at Heroes Con a few weekends back. George Marston from Newsarama.com picked one up and was kind enough to review it. Here’s what he had to say.

"KaBOOMbox, Vol. 1 (Published by Brand New Nostalgia; Review by George Marston; ‘Rama Rating: 10 out of 10): In a way, it’s hard to review a book like KaBOOMbox Vol. 1. It’s not really a story, or a collection of stories, so much as a yearbook of some of the indie comics world’s brightest up and comers. With contributions from too many amazing creators to name them all, KaBOOMbox is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to break out of the mainstream scene. Typically excellent pieces from names like Tradd Moore, Toby Cypress and Ming Doyle anchor bigger surprises from Andrew MacLean, Joe Querio, and Jorge Coelho, and even that is only scratching the surface. With not a dud in almost 100 pages, KaBOOMbox, Vol. 1 is a perfect window into the zeitgeist of a burgeoning corner of the indie publishing scene.” (link)

A lot of love and hard work went into that book, so I’m glad it shows through. And as soon as we can get the books into the hands of all the people who helped make it (Hold tight, folks. They’re coming.), we’ll be offering copies for sale in the OOSA Store

Stay tuned!

Well, that’s flattering…



That’s right! OOSA will be at Heroes Con 2014 en masse with Ming Doyle, Chris Visions, Andrew MacLean, Alexis Ziritt, Logan Faerber and Paul Maybury all in attendance. Along with original art, prints, books and commissions, there will also be a few debuts for the show.

The kaBOOMbox Volume 1 anthology, featuring almost 200 pages of work from the OOSA and Brand New Nostalgia collectives will be available for the first time. A whole bunch of the artists who are in the book will be there and would love to sign your copy.

The Package, written by Elliot Blake with art by Alexis Ziritt, will also be available, as will Andrew MacLean’s new book Head Lopper Part Two: The Wolves of Barra.

I’ll be there as well selling original art from Toby Cypress, Greg Ruth and Nathan Fox (including a new batch of Nathan’s work), plus whatever Liz Subrbia andToby Cypress OOSA tees I have left.

Heroes Con is such a great show so I hope you’re planning to get to Charlotte, NC June 20th-22nd. It’s not something you’ll want to miss.

The books were really popular at the show. Thanks everybody! We’ll be making them available for you to buy online soon so stay tuned.

Books, guys!!! Get hype!